M型 XL型 基板尺寸 50x50-330x250mm 50x50-510x460mm 点胶速度 0.07s/点 点胶嘴 3types(vs,s,l) PCB变换时间 约2.4s 约2.9s 电源 3p/200v/2kva 空压源 40L/min 外形尺寸(mm) 1205x756x1500mm 1205x955x1500mm 重量 950kg 1250kg
点胶速度:0.13秒/点 GLV-4000: 457mm/356mm; GLV-5000: 508mm/457mm
•Three Dispense Heads •Reconditioned & Guaranteed •CE & UL Certified Specifications ( See Details above for installed options ) *Basic Specifications Cycle time 0.09 seconds/dot Travel distance - X-axis within 8mm Y-axis within 6mm Needle up/down distance of 8mm Application time: 0.05 seconds Dispensing accuracy: +/- 0.15mm in th X and Y directions (3 sigma) Board loading time: Aproximately 5 seconds Fiducial Mark Reading time: approcximately 0.5 sec./mark *Board Transport Specifications Board Transport height: 900mm or an optional 950mm. Add 12mm if anti-vibration pads are used Max. board weight: 1kg or 2kg for a roller-guided conveyor Conveyor width change: front rail is stationary. The moveable rail is positioned manually with an adjustment handle *Board Specifications Board size: Max 356(W) x 457 (L) Min: 50mm(W) X 80mm (L) Thickness: (0.5) 0.8mm - 4.0mm Material: Epoxy glass, composites, paper phenol, ceramics, polyimide, etc Restrictions: Warp Max 1.0mm Height of pre mounted device (top surface): Max 6.0mm Height of pre mounted device (bottom surface): Max 25.4mm *Power 200 - 480 VAC 1500VA *Weight Approx. 1750 kg *Dimensions 1795mm L x 996mm W x 1750mm

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